Tent N Trek

Howdy Traveler,

Cancel! Reschedule! Call off!
Most of us heard these words from the beginning of this Quarantine.
Cheer – up! Nomads.
Tent N Trek is introducing a budget plan on travel investment.

Unbelievable / FLAT SALE! - 30% off

Pay 5000 now to block your ticket (applicable on 1st 100 tickets only)

Applicable On Meghalaya, Himachal, Spiti Valley, Bhutan, Thailand trips in 2021. This is an exclusive offer for backpackers to schedule 2021 travel calendar with 30% off! Kudos, what you heard is true.

2021 Offer Events

Road trip & Backpack - Meghalaya

2020 NOW - ₹17,999

Road trip to Himachal

2020 NOW - ₹19,999

Life as a Local - Spiti Valley

2020 NOW - ₹20,999

Backpacking tour - Bhutan

2020 NOW - ₹24,999

Backpacking road trip - Thailand

2020 NOW - ₹24,999

Escape clause/ Budget agreement

~ Reserve your ticket by investing just 5000/- to lock the prices.

~ Pick any location, any date and lock it 15 days before the check -out.

~ The remaining amount can be accepted 45 days before the departure.

~ Good news is that the invested amount can be transfer to anyone. Well you can also book any of Tent N Trek schedules.